Tuesday, August 18, 2009


'Life is an Adventure, or it's Nothing.' Helen Keller said that. That's always been my motto too. I'm ALWAYS up for Adventure. So when Mazda asked if I'd drive down to New Jersey to pick up a car, I jumped at the opportunity. Ten uninterrupted hours of driving, getting to listen to my book - wonderful! I just love getting to drive for Mazda - it's the only way I'll ever get to drive a brand new car. Zoom zoom.

Now, living with the sense of Adventure, as I do - always ready, willing and able to do anything & everything, I figured that I had learned some stuff. Like 'TRAVEL LIGHT'. We really don't need half the stuff that we drag along with us on any given trip. We need far less than we think we do. Getting away from all the accumulated 'stuff' that surrounds us leaves room to allow the new & fresh into our space & time.

So, off I went yesterday, with particularly little, figuring that I'd just be driving all day & turning around & driving right back. As it turns out, the vehicle that I'm bringing back isn't ready - not even sure at this point when it will be. I hadn't factored that possibility into the equation.

So ... revised 'Life Lesson' about travelling light. Perhaps not quite THAT light. I have no book to read, to put in time & the batteries for my audio book are just about dead. I have no 'work' to do - like needle felting or the zillion other things that I could be/should be doing. And I have no decent shoes, so I can't even go for a walk. Since I figured that I wouldn't really be getting out of the car much, I only wore those goofy flip flop things. Here I am - ten miles out of New York City, perhaps with a day that I really could go on an awesome adventure & I have no decent shoes.

But then again, I do have my credit card & they do sell shoes - so there is my theory of having the opportunity with adventure of allowing 'fresh & new things' into your life. I just might get to go Shoe Shopping today:)
They do sell books too. And as far as 'work' goes - give my head a shake - that would just be downright silly. I am having an Adventure.

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