Sunday, February 8, 2009

Slip, slip, slippin' Away

I'm not sure when it happened - I used to absolutely HATE winter. I had myself all riled up every fall, just with the fact that it was coming. Every year, I'd hope that it somehow would FORGET to arrive. I would grumble long and loud, from the first snowflake to the last.

Somewhere along the line, I've not only come to accept Winter, I've come to embrace it. While everyone is complaining that our winter here has been TOO long, TOO cold, TOO much snow - it hasn't bothered me a bit.

I've grown content to take the day as it is, knowing that the clock is spinning so fast that not only will summer be here before we know it, but winter will have returned as well.

I love the fresh, clean covering of snow, softly blanketing the earth as it sleeps. I love the golden glow and the shadows that are cast by a winter sunset. I love the fact that darkness comes early and the nights are long, allowing me to do quiet things that I wouldn't do on a summer night. Wood stove crackling, I cuddle up with my blanket and cup of tea - maybe reading a novel or gathering up seeds of inspiration from wonderful creative magazines ... maybe working on my crazy quilting that I'm doing for no other reason than it seems like a good Winter Thing to do.

On Friday night, I came in our laneway as the sun was slipping away. The snow by the brook looked so soft & gentle & peaceful, it was hard to not wish that winter would stay with us a bit longer. I took the time to get out of the car and take a picture to capture that moment, knowing that winter can indeed slip away quickly, even though it sometimes seems it doesn't.

Sure enough, by morning it was totally different. Spring is in the air already - the consistency of the snow has changed - patches of grass are showing through already and we can see our driveway for the first time in three months. All too soon, I will put my quiet evening pastimes away and be trying to squeeze every last ounce of sunlight out of the day. And that will be fine too.

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Sheryl Parsons said...

Gorgeous photos! I do miss those winter scenes! I too love the soft white blanket of snow covering the earth's nakedness until spring starts to peek through. Thanks for sharing.