Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sisterhood and Tea

I have one biological Sister - she is Beyond Awesome. I SO love her. There's just the two of us left in our family of nine - it's been like that for quite awhile. If our family would be all here with us, we'd have three sisters and three brothers and that would have been ever so cool. But there are just the two of us & neither of us takes that for granted. I'm so lucky that she lives real close - at any given moment, we can sit over a cup of tea and talk for hours.

I have some adopted Sisters and they too are Beyond Awesome. I SO love them. Wonderful women who have come into my life over the years, who have nestled down into my heart every bit as comfortably and naturally as any biological Sister could.

An unfortunate accident has put one of my sweet Sisters in the hospital with a broken back. Besides the special bond of friendship, we are Sisters in Creativity - a small group of amazing women who get together monthy to inspire & motivate and basically entertain each other & keep each other sane. One of my other dear Sisters from the group & I went to the hospital yesterday to be with our friend.

The time we spend together, no matter when, no matter where, calls for a cup of tea. A GOOD cup of tea. A lukewarm cup of water with a plastic lid and teabag on the side, does not qualify at ANY time, especially not for a Sisterhood Visit. I packed up my electric kettle, some real mugs and a selection of specialty teas. which is also most essential. We drew the curtains, put on the kettle and made a decent cup of tea. The three of us sitting there with our Real Cuppa', laughing and getting excited about art & colours & fabrics & techniques - for a while it seemed that we completely forgot about where we were and why. We created our own little world of Sisterhood and Tea behind the closed curtains and that was enough to brighten the day and tuck it into our hearts as a warm and happy memory.

Awhile back, I wrote this about Friendship & Tea ...
Wisdom, if it's nourished well,
Accumulates with years.
Our souls reflect just who we are,
Not what is seen in mirrors.
Wrinkles, sags and faded hair,
May come to us with age;
A sacrifice and dues we pay,
To be considered 'sage'.
We've filled our hearts with knowledge,
With quotes and platitudes;
We know success in life comes not
From luck, but attitudes.
But wisest of all things, indeed,
It surely seems to me -
We've learned to nourish Heart & Soul,
With Friends and Talk and Tea.

- EvScott 2005

I would add - no matter WHERE, no matter WHEN.



S. Nicolas Originals said...

Hey there Ev! Hi! I found the link to your blog on another one so thought I'd drop by and surprise you. Sure miss you. How have you been? I'm sorry about your sister-friend. I hope things go well with her.
Take care,
Hugs for you,

Anonymous said...

Yes, dear Pauline is truly special just like you!! You're both heaven send, me dears, me duckys!
Love, Mary