Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Small Buildings

One of our kids once said "You people collect small buildings." I'm not sure if it was an observation spoken with curiousity, exasperation or confusion.

I suppose we do.

The potential of a small building excites me. It always has. It probably goes way, way back to my childhood when I used to sit under our table with the big heavy legs and pretend that it was my 'house'.

At the farm here, we have my beloved cabin - as much of a joy to me looking AT it as being in it. Brian has what he calls his 'Museum' although it is totally naked and just stores the old vehicles and his growing collection of lawnmowers. It's just a 'Museum' in his head.

On Salt Habour we have our 'Rooms' - a Newfoundland term for the outbuildings of a fisher-family's outport home. There are eight of them. Each is unique in its purpose and function. Although, to be honest the main thing that qualifies for that nowadays is simply that I love Small Buildings.

For many years now I have been in search of a Boler - a tiny house on wheels. It seem to be materializing so I have adjusted my vision to building a Vargo. I am constantly asked 'Why?'  I guess it has to do with my obsession with small buildings. I actually have no plans to drag my Boler or Vargo around - I just want to 'decorate' it. And look at it.

While that resides on my Vision Board, I have a tangible one that I get to play with in my head for the winter. For my birthday this year, Brian bought me a tiny, wee little cabin on an island, close to our home in Newfoundland. It has no hydro or water ... but oh, the potential - for making it cozy and for creating wonderful memories.

I dream small.

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