Sunday, January 31, 2010

GIT N 'er Done

Can you believe it?! One month gone - a twelfth of the year behind us already. And how am I doing on my GOALS for year? Like as if you'd care or be even remotely interested Well, since I really am only talking to myself up here anyway, I will share how I'm doing.

Very well indeed, thank you:)

I have honed in on my real needs & desires and am moving forward quite nicely. Thanks to an 'ah-hah' moment while watching David Letterman one night, I'm limiting myself to the TOP TEN. For me to only expect myself to deal with ten things for the year is a major exercise in focus. Okay, I confess - each of those ten things have ten things, but that's still a major culling for me.

One of the important tools that I've implemented is to meet regularly with a couple of like-minded friends who have the same need & intention to move forward efficiently and productively. We are scheduling bi-weekly meetings to chart our individual progress and hold each other accountable for our own, self-chosen plan.

We meet in neutral ground (a coffee shop) & have a time limit for presenting our individual needs & intentions, reporting on how we're doing and getting feedback or advice/help/encouragement. We have a high expectation of each other for results & accountability. We have christened ourselves GIT, as in Get It Together. Our first meeting was 'GIT N' ... Gettin' It Together NOW'. You should see us at the coffee shop with our papers & journals & coloured pens spread all over the table- just as intent on the business at hand as the professionals with their business clothes & cell phones & laptops.

At our GIT meeting this week I will be able to report that I have been successful in my goal of having three entire rooms dunged out - purged & edited, with empty spaces allowing for new things that may come into my life. I will also be able to say that I have made it through one full month of posting consistently on The Daily Muse.

In celebration of that, I am having a BLOG GIVEAWAY on that site. All you have to do is leave me a quote & your name will be entered in a draw for ten cards of your choice. It goes on until February 15th, so do stop by and share your wisdom.

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~Tonya said...

I enjoyed this post Ev! I should take some lessons. GIT sounds pretty neat and so much fun. I am glad that you have a couple of gals to share that with.

I will have to stop by your Daily Muse and see what you have to say on there. :)

Thanks for popping into my blog.