Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust

And so here we are - the final hours of the first decade of the 'new millennium'. Remember all that fuss ten years ago right now. Of course you do. The media hype that we were going to wake up to an entirely different world because our computers weren't programed to handle something or other. We weren't going to have power so people had frantically bought every generator available. And the next day dawned to a totally ordinary day.

It's bad enough that a year flies by at a ridiculous speed, but it's particularly disturbing when the ten year chunks are a blink as well. I've generally thought of my life in ten year blocks - either by the calendar or by my own fiscal years. I've set my sights on having ten of them & I really am not overly enthusiastic to see them slipping down the hour glass so quickly.

Ten years ago, we spent New Year's Eve with our friends & my sister and brother in law, the same folks that we will usher it in with this year.

Twenty years ago, we spent it in the funeral home in another town, feeling totally displaced as 'orphans'. Our last night on earth with our darling Dad. That was the most difficult of years - saying goodbye.

Thirty years ago, I spent it in the hospital with my precious newborn son. My roommate and I sat at the nurse's station, waiting for the arrival of the New Year's baby - toasting with champagne at midnight. That was the most delightful of years - saying hello.

Forty years ago, I was having fun as a teeanger - partying with the same dear friends that I had a lovely lunch with yesterday.

And right now, we're off to my sister's to be with them and the same friends that we've spent the majority of New Year's Eve with over the past 25 years. We will count down together as we watch the ball drop in The Big Apple. We will hug & kiss and congratulate ourselves for still being here for another year. And we will be grateful for one more time to be together to celebrate Life & Family & Friends.


LDahl said...

I thought a lot about this post last night... interesting exercise. I came to the conclusion, the decade new years were not where the action was in my life... It was in the tween years that all the big events took place. Your post really had me scrambling through old memories!

EvScott said...

I think that's really neat that it made you think of your New Year's memories. All my 'tween' years are blurred together for the most part - I'd be scrambling to come up any that stand out. Reading your blog though - oh my - now THAT is a OUTSTANDING Stand Out!!!!