Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In the Spirit

What a perfectly awesome show we had - even the weather co-operated, which was much appreciated after the Novemberish days that we've been having. The Little Church was filled with inspiring creations from 17 artists - paintings, pottery, designer purses, decorative gourds, carved Santas, creative chairs, floral designs, stained glass and garden art.

It's a very welcoming atmosphere & we were encouraged by the positive and enthusiastic feedback that we had. Quite a number of people came back both days. One dear soul said 'I just HAD to come back - it was so magical that I didn't want to leave.' She brought two car loads of people with her, to share the experience.

It was like one big giantic 'visit' - much different than so many of the shows that I've done where people parade past your booth & if you do get to chat, it's for just a brief moment. It was like each person who came was a guest in our home - we all felt that. It was such a delight to have so many friends come by - besides being fun, their support meant more than I'm sure they know.

We call the show 'In the Spirit' ... inspiration' comes from the word spirit. We find that being in the place, in that space, surrounded by so much creativity and commraderie that we are most definitely 'In the Spirit' ... a joyful spirit.


Bonnie Jones said...

I really should come by your blog more often. You are such an inspiration with all that you do and the wonderful way you put it into words for others to enjoy.
Take care dear friend.

EvScott said...

Bonnie ... you're some sweet:) I miss you! How are things down there in Natchez, MS?