Friday, September 18, 2009

Fast Forward

I have been home from Newfoundland for 7 days. In that time I have attended a wedding, a brunch, had all my family here for a birthday dinner, took & edited 500 photos, attended an organizing meeting for our upcoming 'In the Spirit' show, worked at updating the website, designed & printed invitations & started a Facebook group for the show, reconnected with lots of friends on-line, went to Kitchener, London, Toronto & Brockville (almost 6 hours away) and worked three full (2 nine hours & a fifteen hour) days at a Real Job (as in 'out of this house).

I have NOT unpacked.

So what is the relevance of the photos on this post? Just last week, which now seems like months ago, I kayaked out to the wee rockish island in front of our house. It was a remarkably beautiful evening - the water was calm, the sky was indigo and the sunset cast a magical glow over the harbour. As I offered my thanks to our Great Creator for such a gift - for just being in that serene & peaceful place, there appeared the most striking rainbow, directly above my friends' home. A Gift indeed. Especially since I happened to have my camera. (yes... in the kayak:)

Now that I'm back in Ontario mode, I desperately need to keep this East Coast feeling. Here, I am surrounded by the equisite beauty of autumn - the splendor of the colours & crispness of the air. It's just as much of a gift. I simply need to slow down enough to be awake & aware & grateful.

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