Sunday, April 12, 2009

XP ... EGGSavier Peter

With the look of those ears,
it would seem that Peter
Rabbit did have something
to do with this delivery.
I wasn't really surprised to wake up to an Easter blessing today. Over the years, the majority of our donkeys have been born on a significant day - we've had one on most holidays and many birthdays - as if they are a special gift. Which of course, they are at any time.
This little guy who was born early this Easter morn, is indeed a gift. Two years ago yesterday, my sweet 'Nugget', who was such a big part of our lives for over 23 years, passed away unexpectedly. Besides being a wonderful long-earred friend, he was our baby maker. A few months later, his very last babe was born.
Last year, we expected a miracle. It seemed that Nugget left one last
offspring with Maggi. But it was never to be. We were sure she was pregnant - she was huge & we could see the baby move and turn. I don't believe that it was a 'hysterical pregnancy' for both of us, but month after month, no baby ever arrived.

Meanwhile, Nugget did leave
a young son. I named him 'Chip' because he is the spitting image of Nugget. He is four years old now - old enough it seems, to carry on his Dad's work. He did a fine job... a beautiful, healthy babe, born on a special day - he definitely is a Chip off the old block.

Today, I spent hours cuddling with our Easter gift. He laid his head on my knee as we sat in the sunshine. Then Brian carried him across the creek & we made them a comfortable bed in the barn for the night.
His name is Xavier Peter ...
as in 'EGGSavier' & after Peter rabbit, who most likely assisted in the delivery.
I thought after the loss of Nugget, that we would never get to experience the pure delight of baby donkeys ever again - but our little XP has arrived ... the first edition of a new generation.


HowlingMoonDesigns said...

What a Wonderful story and such an incredible gift! He is just to sweet! :)

Sheryl Parsons said...

My goodness Ev! I've learned something intriguing about you! What a great way to celebrate Easter, new life! A special gift for sure. I don't believe I've ever seen a real baby donkey, how adorable!


Unknown said...

Ev, I love the name and what a delightful story!!

Your donkey's are TOO cute!!