Friday, December 5, 2008

I Stand Corrected

My Three Darling Daughters - sweet, fun & VERY athletic.

Awhile back, I wrote that my children were not blessed with either the athletic or musical gene. One of my offspring took great offence & pointed out the numerous sports that she had been involved in over the years. I responded with the well known fact that it was the social contact that she was interested in, not the actual sport itself. At one game, an old highschool friend, whose daughter was the very intense pitcher, asked which one was my daughter. I said 'The one doing her hair.' She admitted that 'back then', that was the case, but NOW, she qualifies for being athletic and indeed she does. So I am making a public retraction.

She has taken up running this spring and is focused, committed and doing very well with it. At this very moment, she's in Las Vegas, doing some kind of run with 10,000 other people. Her four & a half year old daughter, said today, when asked where her Mom is ... 'She's running to Las Vegas'. 'She's running IN Las Vegas', she was corrected. But you never know - maybe she is running TO Las Vegas, being so totally, absolutely, outstandingly athletic.
UPDATE: Jaime is back from, as Scotty says: 'Lost Vegas'. She finished something like 3,424th.That's pretty good considering there were 14,000 runners. Apparently she was in the 98th percentile for women her age. A complete retraction, Jaime - you are indeed Athletic:)

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