Monday, May 19, 2008

Return from The Rock

A big berg pulled up right behind our place.

This technically isn't an iceberg that came right up to the Studio, but it's a pretty blue!

This one is at Sleepy Cove on Twillingate Island - where the old copper mines were.

Another season is upon us already. We're always sad to leave Newfoundland in the fall, but time passes so quickly, when we do get back there in the spring, it seems like it was just a long weekend that we were away.
The pilot on the little plane we flew in on, said that there are 50 times more icebergs around this year than last - and last year was awesome. Sure enough, there were dozens of massive ones - lots in our own 'backyard'. They are such an amazing thing - changing constantly as the power of the sea sculpts and reshapes them. The same berg can be totally different as pieces break or it flips right over when the weight changes. This year I got to see one with a hole, with the waves crashing through it.
The colour is remarkable and unique too. Some are stark white and some are the most beautiful aqua blue that you can ever imagine. Brian says that he'd like to duplicate the colour for a vehicle, but I don't believe that it would be possible to come up with something even close to the crispness and purity of that colour.

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Bonnie Jones said...

Gorgeous and refreshing looking. Lucky you to be able to see such wonderous things.