Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Frosty Day in March

There's not too much that will get me out of the house before I have my coffee. Hoar frost on a sunny day will. Or a 'crystal day', when the ice is thick on the branches and glitters in the sunshine as if the trees are made of glass. Even here in the heart of the snow belt, those days are few and far between.

There are so many factors that are in play in the magical moment of a day like today. Sunshine. Brilliant blue, cloudless sky. No breeze. Stillness - like the world has been frozen in a hush. The sun just abit warmer, an ever-so-gentle breeze, the sky clouding over - the magic can be lost in a moment. It won't wait til you have your coffee.

Off I went this morning, camera in hand - to enjoy the gift of this day. For two hours, I drove around in awe, stopped here and there to catch a couple shots & savour this last fresh breath of winter. And later, while I reviewed the 130 photos that I took - I had TWO coffees.

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