Friday, February 8, 2008

Soul Food

What could be more stimulating, energizing & downright FUN, than spending time with an amazing group of sweet & supportive women. I'm still riding high from the wonderful retreat we had in the Hockley Hills last weekend. The only disappointment was, because it stormed, four of our gals weren't able to make it. Meanwhile, we were cocooned in a magic forest - snow falling gently - straight down; a babbling brook & little waterfalls peeking out from the mounds of soft snow; smoke coming from the chimney & laughter from the 'play house'. The food was so good that it was like eating at a gourmet restaurant. Lots of talk, a little wine, not very much sleep - the perfect way to spend a wintery weekend. Even getting stuck on the way out, didn't dampen spirits.

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