Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Here We Go Again

For about the last twenty years, on January 1st, I write a dozen or so goals (as opposed to resolutions in the fact that I actually plan on accomplishing them) at the front of my new journal/calendar and I go over the list from the previous year to see what I accomplished. Never have I been able to check off more than three or four. I add the ones that are still relevant to the current year's list - some of them have been there for all twenty years ... actually most of them - like, losing weight, being more physically active, getting my pictures in order, dunging out and organizing my house.
On last year's list, was 'Start a Blog'. I get to check that one off this year ... ONE entry qualifies for START. This year the listed goal is to actually WRITE in it - more than once. I wasn't motivated much to keep it updated, because I thought - who is ever going to find this thing? And who really cares what I say/think/do? I guess that's not the point of a personal GOAL. So I'm going to give it a shot ... again.

And once again, I'm going to give a shot at Losing Weight, Getting More Physically Active, Dunging Out This House, Putting My Pictures in Order. The one thing about not actually accomplishing ones goals during the year - saves me time on January First, having to spend time thinking of new ones.

OH OH EIGHT.... Here we come!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Girlfriend!! You are some writer and picture-taker!!! Love how y'all can spin a yarn and find joy in the simplest and the not-so-simple things!