Monday, December 7, 2009

Rekindling the Passion

I really need to sculpt more Santas in polymer clay. I haven't done many in the past few years. After getting involved with the wholesale market & supplying up to 65 stores, I was so burned out that I couldn't even think about picking up a sculpting tool. I never offered my primitive line that way, so I have never been overwhelmed by them. When you have to do over 200 sculpture in 16 weeks or less, it really does have a way of taking the joy out of it.

That is in the past - about seven years past & that's how long it has taken me to fall in love with the process once again.
What I especially like about the polymer style Santas, is the eyes. I believe that is what captures the character and 'soul' of the creation. Until the eyes speak, the figure is silent. Doing the eyes is my favourite part of any figure - human or animal. Second favourite is 'antiquing'.

Polymer pieces aren't antiqued like the air dry clay ones are. That's why I love my primitive line. That is what brings THEM to life - what takes them from being flat & stark & ordinary to giving them an aged & loved look - the patina of age.
Both processes are so different, as are the results. I'm glad that I grew tired of the sculpted Santas for a bit - that made me grow in another direction. Having a breather was a good thing - I am back in the polymer saddle ... excited & passionate, which fuels my creativity and puts the sparkle in their eyes, and in mine.
These two pieces are on Ebay this week:

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Trish said...

Good on ya. Your Santas are just beautiful and you should do more of them. No one can do the prims like you, but I have always loved the 'soul' you put into the faces of your Santas and the eyes have it.
Keep on keeping on.