Thursday, May 28, 2009

Crickets, Frogs and Howler Monkeys

A dear friend is coming to house sit while we're at our home by the Sea. Well, actually - 'Abby-sit' - it's her who would be lonely without company.
One of my girls asked if she will be 'scared', being out here on the farm. One city friend who stayed here couldn't sleep because of the crickets; another was frightened that the bullfrogs sounded like they were going to attack. The quiet and darkness is also something that doesn't appeal to everyone.
I laughed at her question. I seriously doubt if this sweet friend will be intimitated by frogs or crickets or quiet. We went to Guatemala together, on an eye care mission, staying in areas far more remote than this one. We heard louder noises and more intimidating sounds than she could possibly experience here. Like the swarm of Killer Bees that hung ominously in the trees right behind the open dining area, with buzzing so intense that it sounded surreal. But the loudest animal noise that I have ever heard in my entire life was the howler monkeys. We didn't know what they were the first night. It sounded like a cross between a lion and revved up transport truck - right under our window. Were we frightened? Not a bit ... we were totally fascinated. In fact, we got up at 4 am and sat out on the porch of this hut, soaking in the absolutely amazing, incredible experience. So NO, I doubt that a few crickets and some grumbly old frogs are going to trouble her one little bit.

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