Monday, April 20, 2009

Samantha & XP

In honour of the birth of our first baby in two years ... the first of the new generation - I have created a needle felted version of Samantha and Xavier Peter.

They're on Ebay until Sunday night:

My very first female donkey (1981) was Samantha's Mom - Molly. She was six years old already when I got her - a sweet donkey with gentle, sad eyes. Her first husband - my very first donkey - 'Donkey Otie', pased away & I got Nugget as a 6 month old baby. When he was old enough to do his job, he had issues with poor sweet old Molly - he thought that she was old & fat & out of shape and he spent all his time and affection on the young gals, which was very sad for Molly.

There was nothing that she wanted more than to be a mother - she dearly loved her babies & was such a good Mom. But the babies were few for Molly over the years as Nugget mostly refused to oblige.

One year he did & we eagerly anticipated her baby. When she was born, we were shocked to see that she was pure white.

Molly, in an attempt to make Nugget jealous, had an affair with our our white, standard sized donkey, 'Sam'. He was such a fine specimen of a beautiful baby donkey that his image as was etched into glass in Sweden - he was very famous. Sadly though,we went out one day and there was 6 month old Samantha, standing beside Molly, who had suddenly died. She's 15 now & holds a very special place on this farm: she is the only white donkey that we have, she was Molly's last baby, she gave birth to the Nugget's final baby and to Chip's first. This is the first white donkey that I have ever needle felted.

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