Monday, August 26, 2013

And Again

Five years is way too long between camping trips. When I'm there, I'm thinking 'Why don't I do this LOTS??!'  I love it.

By chance, it fell on my Dad's birthday again. That was the very last time I had my tent out - five years to the day. And by the way, I was so happy with myself - I left the instructions in the bag, or
I likely would still be there trying to get it figured out.  The girls - Ashley and Alyssa, determined that a birthday needed People and A Cake, or it didn't count. They brought both and a bottle of Baileys to boot.

They spent the afternoon then came back the next day. I think I was able to settle into my wirting better with that distraction.  It didn't feel as 'foreign' as being 100% alone for the whole time.

I collected more 'stuff' on my list that I need to take next time - a hammer, a little broom, a bigger carpet. And duct tape. My ever-so-comfy double high air mattress is not near as comfy when it is a flat piece of rubber. It sprung a leak and I had to go begging to the neighbours. For the record, duct tape doesn't work on air mattress leaks.

I took my bike camping for the first time and was happy I did. The Pinery is an excellent place for biking. I covered a lot of ground with Adam in the stroller as well, while the girls took the other two to the beach.

And I did write - lots. That was my intention and focus.  I get too easily distracted at home.  I
carried on with the pages of the family story I started over ten years ago. For five solid hours I never lifted my head or my pen. I wrote a dozen entries in my 'I  LOVE ...' journal and four 'Letters to Dead People'. And I also started a fresh 'mind mapping' book and spent a couple hours organizing my head and my life.

People seem to be surprised that one would go camping alone.  Even Brian, who is always supportive of everything I do, said 'Ya weirdo.' I like to think it was said affectionately.

I think it's good for the soul, getting away for a bit, being on your own. It is totally opposite to my character, so the stretch is good for me. I tend to surround myself with people and activity and chaos. I kind of thrive on that.  I have to WORK at being quiet.

Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

And yes, there were more Raccoon Lessons:  Hanging the garbage in a tree might seem like a good idea, but the fact is - racoons climb trees. You get the picture.

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