Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunrise Service

I attended an Easter Sunrise service this morning.
It was at the end of our lane.
The brook was the music;
the birds, the choir.
It was heavenly.
I cannot imagine 
that it could be possible to be any closer
to God.
I heard the anthem best with my eyes closed.
It dismayed me.
I have never really noticed
the range and diversity of the voices
quite so clearly.
It was nature intensified.
The bubbling of water over rocks.
The flapping of wings.
And birdsong.
Beautiful lilting sounds.
Sweet and mellow. Soprano. 
Buoyant. Cheerful.
Low and rhythmic. Alto.
Gentle cooing far off.
And honking and quacking. 
And the gobble of a flock of wild turkeys.
It was harmony and babel combined.
A multitude of voices together,
not at all in tune,
not all melodious,
but each one adding its own unique and essential fragment
to the proclamation of a new day.
In the darkness, the sound began with just a few notes.
As the sun rose higher,
 the choir grew louder,
more ebullient,
more celebratory.
And then, as it reached the tops of the trees
it became quieter,
as if they said 
'Our work is done. We woke the sun.' 
And off my choir went to carry on the business of day.
Before that though, oh...the colour.
It was an Easter egg sky.
Blue and pink and gold.
Indeed befitting of this day. 
And then, in the gentleness of the morning,
the sun climbed higher and took the colours with her.
She softly scattered them amongst the clouds.
She replaced the darkness with colour,
and then reflection.
The service was over; the day had begun.
As I walked in the lane
I gave thanks for my many blessings;
for where I am and those I love;
for the glory of all creation;
for resurrection
and Life.
I was grateful that I had woke up early
and not missed
the experience of
such an enchanted time.
"Hello, my sweet Easter donkeys!", I greeted my long-eared friends,
who were looking somewhat confused.
"Is that really you?" they replied, 
"We don't often see you at this time of day."
"I'm celebrating Easter on this glorious morn." I told them.
"And that's your Easter finery?" they questioned ... 
"Pajamas, a blanket for a shawl and winter boots?
Ah yes.
Beauty and serenity. Weirdness and practicality.


Trish Stover said...

I knew you would post today. I thought of you this morning, and felt a connection. This is beautiful. All the blessings of the day.

StratfordHoopGirl said...


Jennifer said...

Such a lovely tribute to Easter and to the wonders of nature, both in your breathtaking photos and in your beautiful words! Thank you Ev for being the wonderful insomniac that you are and for capturing and sharing the beauty of this early Easter morning.

Lynda McKim said...

Excellent, excellent, excellent!!

iredaleorama said...

Undoubtedly the most beautiful Easter service ever shared with me. Thank you so much, Ev.

PB said...

All but the babbling brook sounds , I saw and heard for myself, and there is pure truth in all you've shared!
From the swamp , distant sounds of a gaggle of geese , sooo not a melodious choir , but I loved the sincerity in their combined ,humble voice, united in proclaiming the new morn, with unabashed enthusiasm and excitement! But that we all should wake up singing , just in sheer gratitude for the new day!!
I totally agree , an Easter service like none other! Glad we both saw it , my sister/friend ...a joy shared , distance bedambed!! And I too was outside in slippers , jammies , and a throw ...couldn't risk missing it!! Beautiful poetry , my dear , and truth ...lots can look upon it all few can SEE !
Thank you for that!

EvScott said...

That's pretty amazing, Trish! I didn't even know I was going to post. lol.

Thank you ... all of you for your kind comments - very humbling ;-)

And how cool, PB, to think of you over on the other side of the county, doing the same exact thing ... dressed in the same Easter garb. You can't be taking time to dress when the sun is rising.