Monday, November 23, 2009


I belong to a really cool on-line art community - 'American Holiday Arists'. There are more that 60 artists who specialize in all kinds of holiday creations - sculptures, paintings, figures ... a amazingly diverse collection. The founder, Suzanne Urban & her co-leaders, Sheryl Parsons and Susan Vanderhoeke work hard at creating a sense of community and marketing under the aHa name.
I got such a chuckle today when I checked out the site. There was one of my Ebay pieces with the byline ...'Famous aHa artist, Ev Scott'. I can't write that with a straight face. I'm about as famous as .... well, someone that you wouldn't know if I wrote their name. The concept is so funny that it totally cracks me up. Famous. That would make many people I know laugh hysterically. Especially me. This is the site where you can see some of the amazing creations by this diverse & talented group:

I sure do love having my stuff on Ebay though. It keeps me on my toes, trying to get some pieces together to list each week. I've worked away for months on body parts & other parts, so at least I have a little bit of a start.
So far, I've had 8 pieces head off - to California, Washington, Texas, New Jersey, New York, Colorado ... and ohy my, Ontario:)

Three pieces on again this week - two 'primitive' ones from stone clay and one sculpted from polymer. I wonder where they'll get to move to.
Now I know!
The Ram has moved to Michigan, the Gazelle to Texas and the Polar Bear stayed up here in the cooler weather - just down the road from me in London, Ontario.

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