Friday, October 23, 2009

Angel #1 is Eight

Eight years ago Brian and I stood right outside the labour room door while our first grandchild was delivered. I will never forget that feeling when I heard his first cry and I was moved to tears myself. I could not believe that my baby was giving birth to her own baby.

What a ray of sunshine that dear child has brought to our lives. He was a sweet baby, a darling toddler & an adorable little kid, so it goes right along with it that he's a incredibly awesome growing-up-boy. So loving and lovable. All-boy with his passion for every sport going, and cars and guy-things, but nurturing & sweet & wonderful with his sister and little children and especially babies. A real sweetheart.
He's often ran into the house, calling out 'NAN ... your Angels are here!!' When I said one day 'here's my kids', he corrected me with 'We are NOT your kids - we're your ANGELS.' He has proclaimed that they are the Little Angels and I'm the BIG Angel. A little too much emphasis on the BIG.

I phoned tonight and told him I needed to have one last conversation with my 'Favourite 7 year old in the whole wide world'. He was quick to offer his friend, Mattie for that position now that he is moving up to be my favourite 8 year old in the world. He told me 'I'm having my birthday at Chuckie Cheese and you'll be there.' I told him that I wouldn't, that it was going to be for his friends. He said 'Oh, but I want you there. I really like it when you're at my birthday.' I replied, 'That's so nice.', - such a thoughtful child. He said 'Do you know why I like it when you're at my birthday?' 'Tell me', I said, thinking that he was going to say 'Because I love you SO much'. He answered so sincerely: 'Because you always bring me a really nice gift.' Sweet AND honest.

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