Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Out with the Old

The sands have pretty well run out of the 2008 hour glass. People always say that as you get older, the time goes more quickly. Just watch an hour glass - for the first part, it moves so slowly, that it almost seems clogged. Then, the closer it gets to the end, it just speeds. Same number of grains going through the hole at all times, but when so much is ahead, the passing of them isn't all that noticable or much of a concern. As it seems to speed up, we're paying closer attention, yelling WHOA! The year is like that. January's 30 days seem much longer than December's 31. Life is like that. Summer for a 5 year old is infinitely longer than for a 55 year old.
Time to flip the hour glass over - for Oh-Oh Eight, it's now too late ... double oh Nine , will be so fine.


Dianie said...

Wishing you a DeVine 2009'


Grama's Gourds and Primitives L.Akin said...

What amazing work...Awesome...I love Santas anyways but your work is just beautiful..