Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Georgia Homecoming

While Andy went to pick up his girls, Gibson and I got ready for the big homecoming. He was quite serious and focused on getting the job done, which really had more to do with the fact balloons were involved more-so than a baby.

After the balloons, it was time for the sign. Enthusiasm for markers and paper follow right behind balloons. He made sure every square inch of that paper was covered; his favourite design being 'hands'.  He needs no encouragement to draw - he finds a pen and it won't be long until he finds a surface to use it on.

As it turns out, balloons and markers don't hold a candle to his greatest pleasure with the task - his new found fascination with duct tape.  I know exactly what to get him for Christmas. Other than the fact that every second piece gets 'wrecked', it will be a very cheap way to entertain him for hours.

Then Georgia arrived home. He was very cool about it - not overly impressed one way or another. The only reaction there was from him was when they were talking about rooms and Ashley asked him if Georgia had a room. He laughed and said 'No.' with such a chuckle, as if she had just said the most ludicrous thing in the world. 

Cool as a cucumber, that little dude was.  You'd have to wonder if he really grasped that this newbie was going to be moving in permanently. But soon it was fully apparent that he understood the program.

When Ashley sat down on the couch, she noticed new pen mark that hadn't been there when she left.  She said to Gibby, 'Did you write on the couch?  You know you shouldn't do that.'  He replied, with such seriousness: 'No. De BABY do dat.'  Ash shook her head and said 'No Gibby - YOU did that.' He looked her right in the eye and again he insisted with great conviction and emphasis: 'NO. De BABY do dat.'  

Two years old, minutes into his new big brother role and he's found how totally handy it's going to be to have a sibling. He's a sharp cookie for figuring that out in record time, and she's a sharp cookie for being able to draw at 48 hours old.


Anonymous said...

The picture with me glaring at him is so funny. I was trying hard not to find it charming!

EvScott said...

I know ... it's such a 'Mom' moment - love to see that from one of my own kids. lol How could you not find that darling little serious face charming :-)