Monday, May 31, 2010

IRELAND Chapter 7 The Sights

I loved the way that we arranged our visit - it was the perfect balance for us. We spent a few days in Dublin, enjoying the sights of that vibrant, wonderful city.  We took a one day bus trip to Wicklow with one company, then a six day tour over the entire country with another company. Then we had five days with the car where we chose our own path and spent it all on the southern shore close to the sea and ended up in another day in Dublin. These are a few of the sights in random order.

The Half Penny Bridge in Dublin - over the River Liffey. The name comes from the fact that it used to cost that to cross it.
Dublin Castle
The wall in Galway where Judge Lynch hung his own son which spawned the term 'lynched'.
It was the 29th anniversary of the death of Bobby Sands.  They held a memorial in Galway with a tribute to the 14 who died.  We attended an interesting talk that evening by a gentleman who participated in the hunger strike.
This was in the church that Christopher Columbus attended when he was in Galway. It just struck my fancy on many levels.  I wonder if the 36 poor objects are still receiving their bread.

The Papal Cross in Dublin Park - the site of Pops John Paul's visit.
Skellig Michael - the site of a monastery back in the   century. You can still visit there when the sea is calm enough to allow a landing.

Giant's Causeway 

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