Thursday, July 2, 2009

Boys and Curls

There I was, sandwiched between a brother who had thick curly hair as a baby & a sister with beautiful long hair, done in ringlets. Not enough to be branded as the Middle Child ... throw in poker straight hair, cut short into a 'pixie cut'. I always knew it was not because it was an attractive style - it was confirmation that there wasn't a thing anyone could do with my hair as it was 'straight as a horses tail.'
I've coveted curls for as long as I can remember.
When I met Brian, my Mother was impressed with his gorgeous, wavy hair, but she professed that it was 'totally wasted on a man'. I had hoped that he could pass some of those genetics on to our children, but oh no - four heads & not so much as a hint of a kink in one of them. Their hair is thick and lovely ... but alas, no curls:(
Two more shots at it with the arrival of my first grandson & grand daughter. Beautiful, adorable, gorgeous children, but again - nary a curl between them.
Well - can you just imagine how delighted I am that our littlest guy's hair is arriving with curl upon curl. They're especially abundant when he gets up from his nap or after his bath. I get tickled every time I see his curly little head. And it's DEFINITELY not wasted on a boy.

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