Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Rabbit Transit"

The first Rabbit of the season is on Ebay this week. One minute it seems like Easter is so far away, that it's not time for the Easter creations - and then suddenly it's upon us and there isn't time for more than a couple rabbits for the year.

I SO enjoy making these little guys - I should have started a lot sooner.

It's also featured on the 'American Holiday Artists' blog site:

Have a visit there & you'll see some exceptionally creative & amazing pieces - a prolific group of artists, that I'm so pleased to be associated with.

Suzanne does an amazing job of keeping the blog current with what is being offered by the group at all times ... MUCH better than I am at keeping up with this one.

So bookmark it and go there
regularly for some 'eye candy' and inspiration. All the members have a blog or website & you'll get a chance to meet some amazing artists that you might not otherwise get a chance to be introduced to. They are on my 'Creative Friends' blog links as well.
Great fun to go visiting people's studios & meet new folks without having to leave home!

They have all moved to San Antonio, Texas! I would have really enjoyed getting to deliver them in person. I've always wanted to go to San Antonio. I like to even SAY 'San Antonio'. Sounds like a wonderful place to live.


~Tonya said...

Hi Ev,

Such a wonderful "sweet" much detail!


Nancy Malay said...

This is just soooo neat, Ev!! I love your creativity and unique style!