Friday, January 5, 2018

Why Wanda?

"Really? You seriously have to ask? Seriously?? Come on ... you're kidding me." My turn to be stymied.

OF COURSE there was a reason. He was right; there pretty well always was a reason. But to hold on. to the curiousity all that time; to be so stubborn to ask and then blurt it out in total randomness ... that was just weird.

"Come on ... it's a no-brainer. Wanda. Think about it."

I could tell that he wasn't kidding, he really didn't know and inexplicably it was bothering him that day. It was the kind thing to release his angst.

"Wanda. Wanda go with me? Wanda go on Adventure. I Wanda go Somewhere. I Wanda take off. Wanda-lust. Not all who Wanda are lost."

I was still going on when he just shook his head and walked out. "I knew it." he was grumbling under his breath.

Of course he did.