Saturday, January 6, 2018


Yes. I do name everything. I always have. And yes, it apparently is usually a little corny. "The Queen of Corn" is what my kids christened me long ago.

"Charley" ... horse of course. "Lady" ... my ferret Lady. "Peg Bundy" was .. yes, you got it - our pig. "Chester" our turkey had a spray of feathers sprouting out of his front ...'chest hair' it looked like. Our dog "Abby" was wacky and crazy as a puppy so hence, "Abby Normal" was her full name. So expecting there to be a reason behind the naming of Wanda was not unreasonable; what was unreasonable was to #1) not be able to figure it out - it was an easy one and #2) being so stubborn to ask.

Brian bought Wanda a truck. Apparently it seemed easier to him than putting a tow bar on my car.

I guess his concern (and rightly so) is that I may want to Wanda around next summer and he would be recruited to deliver us and pick us up each time. That led him to buy her something that he is confident that I can learn to drive. I am confident as well. I can do anything. I am sure he thinks I will be safer with a truck. Or Wanda will be.

He was pretty proud of it when he got it all shined up. It's of sort-of vintage era like she is. "What's its name?" he asked. This was actually before his need to know 'why Wanda'. "I've got to think about that." I told him. "We'll have to see who Wanda wants to be partnered with."

I trie a few out. "Wendall?" I mused aloud, "Wanda & Wendall" (I definitely wasn't going to mention that I would be spelling it Whendall" "Nope." he said definitively. :"He's not a Wendall." After a few more suggestions were vetoed, I said "I'll have to think on it. It will come to me."

"Hank." he said. "He can be Hank." "Sure" I agreed, "He can be Hank." I didn't have to ask the why. I knew his Why. I can figure him out better than he can figure me out.

For years one of his common responses to many situations is "That's not Hank would have done 'er." I think he is already envisioning my backing abilities.